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Torok, Jim (US)

2007. crox 205, New American Story Art, een project van Larry Walczak van Eyewash Gallery (Brooklyn, New York).
Fragment uit een door LW samengestelde tekst: 'JIM TOROK portrays himself at times as a lonely soul in the world of art & contemporary society much like David Kramer. His cartoony approach to picture-making imitates the standard left-to-right reading of the traditional comic strip. His work can be likened to that of underground comic book legend Robert Crumb to some degree. However Torok's art is devoid of sexuality and has a sunnier disposition with a consistent optimism that runs throughout. His subject matter revolves around the art world, art history, his philosophical inner thoughts & day-to-day experience. Because of his universal approach to imagery & storytelling his work seems to translate well among diverse age groups & cultures.'
Een van de werken, I Am Lucky (ink, watercolor and acrylic on paper, 2002) - landscape format, drie verticale stroken met telkens vier afbeeldingen - gaat als volgt:

I had a happy childhood
My parents were nice
I received a good education
I have never been in jail
I am happily married
I'm not on drugs
I am healthy
I have lots of friends
I have a roof over my head
I am smart
I have never been killed
I am unique