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Vanishing Twins

2011, Saturday 28 May. Concert by Smeraldina-Rima with Jozef van Wissem (NL) and Vanishing Twins.
Levi of Smeraldina-Rima positions Vanishing Twins in this way: 'Vanishing Twins is the musical project of visual artist Jeanne Madic,
playing her minimalist & meditative accordion or her 70's organ +
singing while projecting her own Super-8 films with an old projector.
She has opened shows for Julia Kent ( Antony & the Johnsons ),
toured with Arborea in the U.K. and collaborates with Jozef van Wissem,
guesting on spoken word at his shows.
She is currently working on her first EP and has recently started a collaboration with acclaimed canadian filmdirector Guy Maddin, composing music for a series of short films named Hauntings.'
One of the works Jeanne Madic contributes to the concert is a projection of a puzzle of short movie fragments she made in the gardens of Versailles.