Madani, Tala

Breath From A Warm Locale, crox 459. Coproductie met Parkingallery Projects en Asayeshgah Projects (Iran). Videokunst uit Iran. Van Tala Madani het werk 'UnderMan' (2012), een kortfilm.
Fragment uit de zaaltekst: "This work shows a man (UnderMan) sitting by what looks like a printer nozzle Wall. Objects will start dropping on him, showing two men (AboveMen) on top of the wall throwing objects on him. The AboveMen do this with freakish excitement. The objects fall however to truly put him down. UnderMan, tired of the objects failure, has become inspired by the AboveMen, gets a large hammer and hammers himself down into the ground, and succesfully buries himself."
DVD: Philips
beamer: Sony
de trappen dienen bestegen voor de bediening / het IRoog van de beamer zit achteraan / controleren of film in repeat staat