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Safaei-Sooreh, Sona

Breath From A Warom Locale, crox 459. Coproductie met Parkingallery Projects en Asayeshgah Projects (Iran). Artist Statement (Dutch version) (2011). "Artist reads her statement in a press conference in Farsi. Her speech gets translataed to four different languages. This video (de versie die in croxhapox getoond wordt) is the Dutch version. All translations are done though Google Translate. Artist Statement intends to draw attention to the differences among languages/cultures and the lost meanings or components in translations. Also available in Korean, English and French. Piffin Duvekot: Dutch voice over. Bahar Kamali: lightning and camera."
De film wordt getoond op een monitor die zich aan het eind van de corridor op een sokkel bevindt.