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Experiment Babylon van het jonge gezelschap Veldhuis. 2013.

Hotel Fuck, regie Richard Foreman. Ontological-Hysteric Theater (US). From the TVF art doc archive. 2013.

Manifold, geschreven en geregisseerd door Sandrine Verstraete, met Krijn Hermans, Yinka Kuitenbrouwer, Frank Merkx, Kirsten Mariën, Gwendolin Van Jole, Thomas Schorreel en Evelyne Bleyenberg. 2011.

Phaedra in een regie van Silviu Purcarete. Tekst: Euripides & Seneca. National Theater Craiova, Kopenhagen 1995. From the TVF art doc archive. 2013.

Roadmetal, Sweetbread van het Britse Station house Opera. From the TVF art doc archive. Recorded at K.I.T. Pakhus, Copenhagen, in 2004. 2013.

The Gentlemen's Gentlemen, 2008, by Brian Getnick and Noe Kidder (US). Featuring Robbert & Frank and Frank & Robbert and Marianne Vogt, among others. Crox-book nr 9, The Gentlemen's Gentlemen. Very amusing and entertaining performance experiment, partly prepared in New York during winter 2007 where video fragments featuring characters extreme such as The Chandelier and The Potted Palm were captured, and rehearsed at croxhapox during a rather charming month of April with Brian brilliant as ever chasing The Gay Town Gold Medal, dinner party's and playful going through the script written both by New York based artist Noe Kidder and Brian himself, who later on moved to LA. The rehearsals of The Gentlemen's Gentlemen, in the backspace at croxhapox, covered a period of four weeks largely documentated by Marc Coene. Noe and Brian resided in the same neighbourhood where Marc and Ria live and as such a little come and go in between both places offered extra entertainment. Frank and Robbert, who had entered art school that very same year and yet remarkably grant and on ease with the spooky acts Brian and Noe expected both youngsters to do, went all the way, one as The Janitor, the other as The Wild Boar. Marianne, rooted in cabaret and musical performance, from what I heard years later she may have married and moved to The States shortly after, had that exciting half Dietrich half something else - I don't seem able to figure how or what - présence of the Don't-Be-All-Too-Careful-Darling Diva, and if this sounds too much a jester's pin, blame the orchestra.