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UND 4, een project van Bill Gruner, Tilman en Jan Van der Ploeg. Gelinkt aan CCNOA Brussel. 31 augustus tot 14 september 2008.
Werk van Andrew Leslie, Billy Gruner, Gerold Miller, Ingrid-Maria Sinibaldi, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Jan Van der Ploeg, John Tallman, Julian Daspher, Koen Delaere, Kyle Jenkins, Lars Wolter, Léopoldine Roux, Machiel Van Soest, Michal Skoda, Michelle Grabner, Pieter Vermeersch, Ro Hagers, Sacha Goerg, Sarah Keigherty, Tilman, Ton Schuttelaar en Ward Denys.
De introductie van Bill Gruner (AU): "UND is a simple yet questioning title used for an annual show on Contemporary Non-Objective Art. This year in September it is held at Croxhapox, Gent, Belgium. Looking closely, it is an unusual international program. First, it has been curated since 2006 by a small group of artists without any budget. Secondly, the use of a somewhat blunt title remains intentional and functional. As in the previous shows, a punk attitude aims to present a certain flavor to a complex art-historical discourse.
Croxhapox is not a typical gallery either way. Because of its non-selective design, it is seen as a place of art critical focus, and an appropriately chosen space on the contemporary route that this particular set of artists seeks to engage. They are able to do this from many entry angles because travel is easier and faster than ever. But most importantly, because physically meeting is a necessary process to go through in order to find inspiration from others interested in a development of relational critical concerns."

Aan het UND 4 project in croxhapox gingen drie presentaties in Nederland vooraf, in 2006 en 2008 in het Amsterdamse Chiellerie, in 2007 in Leiden. Het project groepeert Non-Objective Art (NOA), niet figuratieve kunst.