Advisory board

From 1997 till 2003 an advising commitee. Members were (in no specific order) Michaël Borremans (1997-1999), Maria Blondeel (1995), Johan De Wilde, Marijke Bontinck (1997-1999), Guido De Bruyn and Sjoerd Paridaen. 
The advising board was ended at the end of 2003. From than on, croxhapox vzw consists of a Board of Directors and an Executive Commitee. (>wijziging statuten). All other members constitute the General Assembly. 
A new advisory board is put in place in 2008, with seperate team for the artistic and the financial/organisational stuff. The teams have their own modus operandi. The financial/organisational group meets regularly to clear up specific problems but the artistic team is more informal. Other issues are tackled by the web team and the editing group.