1996. crox 47, a presentation by Juliane Heise (DE). The band performing during opening night is Beh Palme (Burkina Faso), playing an African percussion instrument similar to a marimba. 

2003. crox 108, Ambassade van de Predemocratische Republiek. [Ambassy of the Pre-democratic Republic] A project by Stefaan Dheedene. Installation window at Onderstraat 26.
De Predemocratische Republiek, an imaginary archipelago in the Gulf of Guinea.

2005. crox 152, Stefaan Dheedene. A Manual. Three videos.

2006. crox 171, Collectie 1. Pieces from the mailart correspondence of Sjoerd Paridaen and Veronica Gabrielse (SA).
crox 188-1, Brainbox (first edition), unit 1: Stijn Van Dorpe incorporates two videos, one of a performance with a table on wheels, the other a video he made in Africa. 

2007. crox 186, 'What about Croxhapox', mail art call. One African contribution: Cuan Miles, P.O. Box 13041, Vincent 5217, South Africa.

2010. crox 325, Ada Van Hoorebeke. Eternal Hunting Grounds. Batik. Sophisticated batik designs she has being made in Africa.
crox 335, Adam Geczy. Remember To Forget The Congo. Performance. 'as I suggested previously, there was nothing personal or ideological about this looming African obsession except to see it as a case of international embarrassment. I was to inhabit a room blackened to the height of two metres (a comfortable high arm’s reach) for five hours over five days and write out Gide’s account (Voyage au Congo) until the room became progressively whiter and almost returned to its former state. By physically remembering the book I would simultaneously be consigning
it back into oblivion, making me the voice of revival while at the same time complicit in its forgetting.' Remember To Forget The Congo, A. Geczy; The Monthly, July 2010. -->Geczy

crox 339, Ada Van Hoorebeke. Installation window at Onderstraat 26.