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Derambakhsh, Kiumars

The Eclipse, a documentary. POV, Realities Revisited Part Three, juli 2013. Curator Nima Bahrehmand (Iran). Project with  videos and films from Iran.
Nothing much is to be found about the life and the works of Kiumars Derambakhsh, pointed out by Nima as one of the most interesting Iranian filmmakers. In Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African Film: 'Formal experiments of an impressionist nature were also tried, such as in Kiumars Derambakhsh's Sarebanan/Desert Caravans (1974) and in Bazar Migeryad/The Bazaar Weeps (1976) made by two students'. IMDb on the other hand offers only this remark: 'It looks like we don't have have any External Sites for Kiumars Derambakhsh yet.' Onlinefilmhome.dk knows more. Born in 1945 (Iran), studied film at the Sorbonne, member of Greenpeace Society London.