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Scarabello, Alessandro (IT)

Presentation in the
offside programme, early March 2015. Paintings by Louis Samain, Davide Serpetti
and Alessandro Scarabello, Master schilderkunst Kask. Conversations with van about the enormous difference
between painting after nature and painting aftere a photograph, a difference
that essentially doesn't matter at the level of the technique, the way paint is
applied, but at the level of the image itself, the preceived, the
non-perceived. A photograph at most shows the two-dimensional spectrum and that
is just as often what is reflected in the paintings of those who paint after
photographs. The camera creates an almost perfect image, but loses the
perspective needed to add depth to the skin of the canvas. The eye is, as
instrument, subject to coincidences and imperfections, leading to a more
adventurous journey. The imperfect, the not as such perfectly registered and in
many cases even projected on the canvas -  Caravaggio too, for example, used
photographical techniques, even though the camera hadn't been invented -  often or usually limits the painted to its
photographic equivalent, not seldomly resulting in a direness of pictural
quality. Alessandro's work, OTOH, is technically overwhelming.