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Verdonck, Benjamin

crox 446, Brainbox3 unit 4: Benjamin Verdonck,
Frank & Robbert en Robbert & Frank, Dirk Zoete.

photos: Cristina Amelia

crox-box, Monday 28 October

Robbert is busy with a jack.
Benjamin looks at the car.
They are taking the wheels off the car.

Dirk is busy with a crosscut.
Benjamin removes the mug
they had put on the car.

Robbert liberates the rear left tyre.
Frank steps behind the wooden construction.
Crates of beer are under the rear end.

Benjamin looks at the car.
Dirk stoops over a crosscut.
Robbert is half under the car.

A DAF on crutches.

Dirk heaves a beam, paces through the room.
Frank is busy with a gimlet,
Benjamin and Robbert deal with the front wheel.

'This is a non-magnetic bit,' merkt Frank op.
'It simply falls out.'
Robbert and Frank study the bit.

Dirk is busy with the tyres.

photo: laura van

crox-box, Thursday 31 October 2013

In the corridor paste is
applied. Unit four is complete. Robbert drove to an establishment in Zwijnaarde
to get the prints.
Together the leaves show a group photo. Dirk Zoete is in the front, at the
Robbert busies himself with a paste brush. They are standing round the paste
staring aghastly at the lumps in the paste. The paste brush is brand new. The
paste is fresh. Nevertheless, particles materialised in the paste, dust, lumps
of a non-descriptive substance.
At first, it looks terrible. They need to loosen the wallpaper. Easier said
than done. Benjamin applies the paste to the dividing wall, Dirk is on a chair,
Robbert clutches both hands into an instrument to smoothen the pasted surface. The
conversation with Frank turns to horoscopy.
- There's a bubble over there, wodyethink? Frank says it. A bubble. It is a
blatant matter of concern. Nothing futile. Under the pasted surface something
Yea, but that will soon go away, says Benjamin. He stares at the leaf thay are
Frank films.
They get away with the pasting of the first leaf. It looks okay. Benjamin
leaves through the small door, enters the back room, emerges with a cutter. They
will need a cutter. Dirk chucks a towel over the leaf. He knows one has to
chuck from the center.

Frank stoops over the paste table. Second leaf. I walk through the corridor.
Frank pastes, the others consider the wall. After the third leaf, they step
back and watch the image.
Horizontally it gives two centimeters, I gather. They measured it. By the way,
we are still wearing the same clothes, says Frank. The same clothes as in the
In the middle of the corridor is a drain.
The third leaf poses problems. They need to loosen it. 

above: Dirk Zoete
photo under: Benjamin Verdonck


The four of them in an imaginary car. Robbert at
the wheel. Photo under: Dirk Zoete at the wheel of the imaginary car.