when is a house? crox 610

crox 610 WHEN IS A HOUSE?
topic : when is a house? 8m2 - the smallest unit of permanence
speaking in new narratives : hearing collective histories & common dreams

28 february 10:00 – 6 march 14:00 2022
exchange project croxhapox : joël verwimp & lindsey drury (berlin) : astrid collective (gent) : 90x4'collective (tbilisi) nino-ana samkharadze, thoma sukhashvili, mano svanidze, giorgi rodionov
supported by the european cultural foundation i-portunus [the i-portunus houses pilot scheme is implemented on behalf of the european commission coordinated by the european cultural foundation (amsterdam), the i-portunus houses consortium involves mitost (berlin) and the kultura nova foundation (zagreb)

more information on location and dates follow