every bolt rumbling

concert steve gunn

thursday 7 april 2011
concert at 7 pm - smeraldina-rima
steve gunn (us)

member of the band GHQ, he caused a lot of excitement with his solo
album Boerum Palace on Three Lobed Recordings just over a year ago. He's
also got an album out soon on Digitalis of his duo with John Trucsinski
- the Gunn-Trucsinski Duo album, mastered by Scott Colburn, takes
Gunn's more raga-flavoured guitar and John's Corsano-esque traps on a
transcendental journey that is going to cause a whole lot of listening
pleasure in 2011.

every bolt rumbling

Every bolt rumbling is Arvind Ganga, who uses guitar, effects and objects to create a chaotically oscillating mesh,
vibrating with high energy that oozes out in colliding rhythms, frantic melodies and distant slow grooves .............
all bathing in the rays of a deep red sun.

city hands (nl)

a punk and raised a rainbow watcher, Manuel Padding aka City Hands has
been active as a music citizen and a renown butterfly observer for a few
decades now. As a free-minded follower of Gustav Metzger and a reader
of early science-fiction free press, M.P. believes in the creative
powers of destruction and in the secret forces lying in forgotten
languages. His fluid compositions aim to create rich underground
communities that would stand against corruption worldwide.
tickets: 7 euro