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'Inspiration doesn’t exist; rather call this experience a state of
heightened readiness.' (Johan De Wilde, Particles p.70) During the radio
interview in Fresco at Klara (May 22nd, 2006) the item ruim is expanded wall to
wall (see Klara, Fresco, 22 May 2006, 17u20). Luciano Berio brings up a similar
viewpunt (Wolfsmond 15/16, 1987): 'Inspiration is mainly a romantic concept. To
me, inspiration only means the energy and the necessity to make a work of art. ()
The word inspiration encompasses such a vast and complex process that its usage
should absolutely be avoided in any serious modern intellectual discourse. () I
don’t think a moment of vision can rise up out of nothing. At a certain point
however, one is a condition where one’s perception is deepened and plant scan
shoot up out of the fertile soil you have been preparing through hard labour. You
can train your faculties te develop your potential to combine widely different
factors.' (op. cit. p.55)