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Paridaen, Sjoerd

Alter ego of Sjoerd Paridaen. The main and most important PARIDADA stamp has a chessboard pattern.

crox 13 - Paraplastique hystérique. Critique by Dirk Pültau (De Gentenaar). During this project the three rooms at Beverhout Heights bathe in a different ambient: the front room in blue, aft in red, and the extra in yellow. Sjoerd Paridaen sticks to a three-dimensional approach.

crox 17 - Copy Art project; the first edition is invading the streets of Ghent in a number of workshops about Signos. Suggests mail-art artist Jürgen O. Olbrich and later on also Guy Bleus and Johan Van Geluwe.

crox 18 - En Passant (1991). Located is a city mansion at Ottogracht. Collaboration with Erik Lagrain.

crox 42 - installation window [>instalraam] (March 1996). Onderstraat 26. Again with Erik Lagrain.

crox 55 - paintings (November 1996). More than 5 years after his first solo show, SP unveils the works he wanted to exhibit in 1991 - they were then vetoed by the crox-team.

SP's mail art correspondence with van (www.shcorr.be) starts on December 31st, 1996. The PARIDADA stamp is omnipresent during the first years of this correspondence, up to 1999. Later it gradually becomes less important until Sjoerd finally admits that the PARIDADA thing is over and done. Next to the SHCORR correspondence are some from an earlier decade, not too many, and some new ones, e.g. with Gabrielse, a South-African mail artist, Wouter Feyaerts, a former student of 3D, and Merlyn, his son.