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Snopek, Alda

April 2005 - Tunnel-Vision. Performance, video projection and photos. A performance, with video projection, in the narrow room which is transformed into a kitchen the next year. The performance is the starting point of a series of works in the range of body and identity. During the Tunnel-Vision performance she hauls herself up between the walls of the space which is later turned into a kitchen till she reaches the ceiling. The performance ends with a video projection of the filmed action onto the actual image. The filmed and the actual action are identical. The projection makes for an hallucinatory distortion.
May-June 2005 - BASICS 2#1.
April 2006 - BASICS 2#2.
May 2006 - Twins, video presentation in the cube. Crox-card nr 31. The performer contorts in a space consisting of two bodies leaving a space for a third body, the space in which the bodies turn, two bodies and yet the same body with no other identity than the reversal. In the reversal is a completion without end. The beginning.  
November 2006 - BRAINBOX unit 6. With Merlin Spie and Ludo Engels. One of the climaxes of the project.
May 2008 - DRIFT, video presentation. 
May 2009 - Zennestraat 17, Brussel. Video presentation. With Christophe Lezaire, Johan De Wilde, Marc Coene, Julian Moran and Steffie Van Cauter.