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De Brabandere, Mario

crox 70: Schilderkunst Hedendaags Belgisch (1997). One out of 25 artists participating in this project.

crox 110, BASICS 1 (2003). Drawings, sketches, studies. Mario De Brabandere contributes three pencil drawings made during his  Campo Santo project in 1996.

crox 175-III: la mère de dieu fait par le fils lui-même; solo project in the media space (May-June 2006 [The mother of god made by the son, himself]). Sculpture assembled with object trouvé materials; height approx. 240cm; anchored into the wall immediately opposite the entrance to the media space. The sculpture is reminiscent of the pastoral figures in the later work of Kasimir Malevich.

crox 145-II, BASICS 2 (2006, sequel Abbey Maagdendale). MDB contributes 3 objects in, one is a wooden crate with the collection of  Martha De Brabandere, Mario's dog.

Participating in Five Collaborations, the project of Alan Smith (January 2007).

Text by Hans van Heirseele, published in a catalogue of the Centre for Culture of St. Amandsberg. (1997), on Mario De Brabandere: MARIO DE BRABANDERE is one of those painters Georges Perros is talking about in Papiers Collés./ He is a genuine painter. He certainly is one of those who don't get bored when painting./ I recently met Mario in the greens market./ A Sunday, one of those Sundays, when danger hides round each corner. Suddenly and before we even noticed boredom kicks in. Mario hadn't recognised me. I walked towards him. He wanted to leg it but I caught up with him. I grabbed him in the collar of his overalls and lifted him a few centimeters off the ground. This is definitely a good way to make sure to have a good conversation with someone. / Hey! Well! Mario, of all people! I shouted./ What what, he cursed./ Glad to bump into you! I shouted again and gave our celebrated friend a shove so his casket rolled on the cobbles all the way to the closest bus stop. Verily, one has to know how to deal with those painters of ours. Listen carefully, buddy! I shouted. I'm gonna tell you something, listen! I shouted again, and hit'im square in the gob. Come on, out with it, tell me, do you ever get bored eh? well, hey, you know, you can tell me!/ Hans, man, I really never get bored, hardly ever, sure, he said./ And if you would let go of me now, I'll tell you how that is./ God, just as well, it had been nice. I let go of him. Usually I don't. I'm not easily intimidated. But it happens. / You see, Hans, he said, when I get bored, on occasion, I try to make the best of it. You see, Hans, sometimes those are the great times./ And then he sold me./ Jesusmaryjoseph, I'm still not back on my feet again. (October 1997)