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Schweiger, Fabian

Widely acclaimed solo-performance during opening night of crox 31 (Antje Dorn, October 1995). AD & FS are introduced as follows: 


As I woke this morning/ and got out of bed/ later today/ I noticed a pair of trousers pacing up and down the room/ jee I thought that's precisely what I need/ trousers/ I jumped out of the bed and ran for the trousers/ chrissake it was a fungus/ it was a Boletus edulis as the fungus was called/ that's my trousers I said/ no he said/ I knew the chap/ it's my trousers I said/ no he said/ gimme that trousers/ no he said/ he got hold of the trousers/ I had been asleep/ I had been sleeping for at least several hours/ jee/ I put on that big blue eyes/ the Von Fabre spectacles/ couldn't see anything thru it/ nothing strange about that/ nothing exceptional about that/ it be a bright blue day/ maybe I marry some pair of scissors/ a bright blue wedding day/ forget about the slacks/ these blue eyes were mine now/ big and blue and mine/ I at once found out that it was not a happy marriage/ what's all that blue about I thought/ a beautiful relation had been disturbed/ the fungus kept on going/ no he said/ o it was the only vocal he knew about/ well but I got the spectacles that seems reasonable I thought/ there was something going on out there/ I felt disturbed by several severe accidents/ to name only a few/ which of course always should be done during opening nights/ to name a few only/ the scissors and the fungus quarreled about the trousers/ during that conversation fungus lost his head/ he started screaming/ I lost mine/ I screamed don't yell I screamed/ godammit/ look at you I said/ phallic dwarf/ enough about marriage/ lets get to the trousers/ the trousers/ by that moment the fungus had changed in a giant penis/ and this further on developed towards a lexicon of blueness/ bluity/ jee well I felt blue sure I did/ never before I had felt so utterly blue/ I ran for the lexicon/ it started walking towards Germany/ I noticed some cosy little corner/ there were people all over the place/ some of them shrank and changed into curious little phenomena/ better known as inside double/ meanwhile the penis stopped talking/ and a fart took over/ with a delightful cantus firmus/ and the fart started singing (wat volgt is het concert van Fabian Schweiger).


2nd performance in crox 51 (Open Deuren, 1996), this time in a trio.


Doubles for Michael during the Four Months To Christmas concert of The Singing Painters in Roeselare (2001): Hans vocals, Fabian guitarr, Mathias Van De Wiele 2nd guitar & trumpet, Adriaan Verwée bass clarinet and Merlyn Paridaen drums.