Agustsdottir, Hallveig (IS)

2011. crox 352, Drawings. Other solo projects during the same period: Reinhard Doubrawa (DE) with a billboard-installation, Bart Dhaluin in the cube room and objects and paintings by Maarten Van Roy. On 13 February there is a concert with Marieke Berendsen, violin, improvising to the work of Hallveig Agustsdottir. Another concert follows on 20 February, this time with Hallveig herself on prepared piano and 'live drawing'.
A fascinating moment during opening night on Saturday 29 January 2011: a solo by Peter Jacquemyn (bass) in the room where Hallveig's work hangs on the wall, right in front of the dark charcoal improvisations. 

'HA: When I started with photography during my studies in Ghent I read a lot about the American composer John Cage and I got very inspired by his music, his writings and philosophy and his visual work. What mostly  influenced the first images was his proposition that music is everywhere. According to Cage, everything we hear, all sounds and noises, are music.  There is no real silence either. He mentions for example that he was going into a sound-proof studio to experience absolute silence but was surprised to hear the sounds of his own body. That was very touching, so I wanted to continue in the same vein but in a visual manner. I got the idea that everything we see can be art. 

HVC: So you notice images in your environment, in the streets, that inspire you to become art?
HA: Yes, in the street, in an empty room, in a derelict building, the floor of my workspace, at home, anywhere, everywhere, we only need to keep our eyes open.'

(from 'Interview met Hallveig Agustsdottir'. Hilde Van Canneyt, Gesprekken met kunstenaars, 2010)