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Dheedene, Stefaan

2003. crox 108: Ambassy of the Predemocratic Republic. Installation window at Onderstraat 26. -->Nkoa -->Mbalma-Piere -->Njombel -->Suza -->Perill -->Kousseri -->Doumo -->Sangmelimo -->Nigri-Pez -->Predemocratic Republic
2005. crox 145, Basics2. Contributes "POST- in", a 3D signpost in yellow glass or plexi. If I'm not mistaken the idea was to use the object at an actual post office.
crox 152. A MANUAL. Three video films. First project in the room at the end of the corridor.
2006. crox 145 sequel.
2009. crox 277-7, BRAINBOX2 unit 7. With Daniëlle van Zuijlen (NL), staying in Australia at that moment, and Steffie Van Cauter. crox 300. Group project: Deborah Delva, Dries Verstraete, Nikluas Ruëgg (CH), Frederik Van Simaey and Stefaan Dheedene. Stefaan Dheedene designs the project and takes care of the coordination.