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Van Dijck, Hannelore (B)

2011. crox 360, REINHEIT. Project in the cube room. Drawing in charcoal on the wall. The execution of the work takes Hannelore Van Dijck two weeks. A ritual of charcoal: blue overalls, dust mask, applying the geometrical structure to start with, it looks as if it is enlarged drawing paper, than, gradually, filling it in with themes based on bathroom tiles. It explains the title: Reinheit [Purity, cleanliness]. A devastating work according to Adriaan Verwée who says that it is according to his opinion, the most interesting presentation that ever happened in the cube since 2005. Of course opinions can differ. It is remarkable that the charcoal dust remains in the room and that Hannelore doesn't care if someone per chance wipes out a small fragment of the (non-fixed) charcoal drawing: its gradual disappearance is part of the presentation. 

crox-box Sunday 6 March 2011

In the cube room Hannelore Van Dijck has started working on her situ project. Bleu overalls, stiletto heels, dust mask, charcoal on the bare wall.

11 March 2011

Hannelore Van Dijck working in the cube. Loads of tape. The tape ends up in a large ball on the floor.

20 April 2011

'What is the first word that comes to mind right now,' I ask Sabrina.
Blanc, she says. Tht is the first word she thinks of. She says it without thinking: blanc.

First and last have a relationship which can't be caught in words. One does things for the first time, one does them for the last time. 

Does a person say the first word, without thinking about anything in particular, or do they think about what they could have said? And than, they don't know anymore. They ponder the question, think it rude or start thinking about a word and that is unfair. 

Sabrina answers without thinking. Blanc, she says.

C'est quoi le premier mot que tu penses, I asked. Blanc, says she.

Matrass, said Sandrine, who was dragging a matrass around. Dust, says Hannelore, who is working in the cube room.