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Olsen, Kym

Negotiated Terrain, p.55-56; 'Borders', crox-book nr 3, CarianaCarianne. Author of the fifth and last part of crox-book nr 3: Trevor Martin. see CarianaCarianne

'I first came to CarianaCarianne's work as an artist myself interested in duality and process. Engaged in a ten-year collaborative practice with fellow artist Kym Olsen, I am intrinsically aware of, and curious about, the unique dynamics entailed in a sustained collective endeavor. In our own collaborative projects, we are conscious of the give and take in discovering our material and the ultimate union of our voice - knowing that the final products could never be achieved by either one of us working alone. The true "artist" within our work resides between us, a hybrid entity that takes and receives the strength of each and requires a mutual trust and creative chance to enable new and unexpected things to occur. For me, this is an act of granting creative permissions in order to allow the process to seek a mutual, more rich and fertile ground. Compromise and the exntension of self are always part of such relationships. To give up sole authorial control is a managed but precarious state.'

[text originally in English]

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